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VR studio, bureau, producer or dojo. Call us what you want. We produce custom virtual and augmented reality applications for all situations. Want your booth at the next expo to stand out from the crowd by offering a product demo in VR? Want to walk around in your CAD/BIM for a not yet existing building? Want to train your team for working in a dangerous environment? We got you covered.

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What we do

360° VR Tours

We have developed a platform which makes it quick and easy to create virtual tours of 360° images or videos. These tours are then easily experienced by putting a smartphone into a wireless VR-headset. We have implemented "gaze-navigation", thus no additional controllers is needed which makes this an easy pick-up solution for anyone.

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VR training

We develop virtual reality simulations for emergency response personnel and other professionals working in dangerous or complicated environments.

We are implementing the latest VR-technology to develop custom, immersive, dynamic and reusable training scenarios for individuals or groups working together. This is made possible by a unique combination of motion capture technology, VR and real space allowing participants to move freely both in the actual space and the simulated scenario.

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